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What is the Strawberry Festival?

Since 1962, the Strawberry Festival has raised thousands of dollars to pay for extra programs and equipment for our children at Poplar Road Junior Public School. In 2022 the Strawberry Festival raised $35,000.  We also made a commitment to donate 10% of our net revenue to our sister school Eastview to support their Parent Council's initiatives for their school.

What do the Strawberry Festival Funds Cover?


Past funds were used to cover the cost of  Smartboards and accessories, Scientist in the School, Bus trips, math workbooks, sports equipment and jerseys and many other items.


At Poplar Road, it was decided years ago that rather than many small fundraising campaigns we would host one large event each year. The result is the Strawberry Festival, held each year in June.


How Can You Be Part of the Strawberry Festival?


The Strawberry Festival is organized by a group of parent volunteers. On the night of the festival, it takes about 100 volunteers to run all of the events. If you would like to be a sponsor, donor, committee member or volunteer, please get in touch with us at

Date and Time

Friday June 14, 2024

6 PM - 9 PM



Poplar Road Junior Public School

66 Dearham Wood, Scarborough ON

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